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Subcribing or downloading the Cathedral Calendar is a very simple.  If this is your first time, read the two sections below.  Read the first section, Explanations and Guidlines, to help you to understand the process.  Follow the insructions in the second section and you will be able to view the Calendar on your PC, table and smartphone.  

  • Explanations and Guidelines

    • You have the option of selecting everything in the calendar or only certain events.  Take a look at the Cathedral Calendar (monthly view) to get an idea of how many events you will get.  
    • You can select some or all of the years in the Calendar
    • All events at the Cahedral of St Paul are grouped into Categories such as Church Services or Youth.  Each categoy is further divided into sub-categories such as Divine Liturgies or GOYA.  You may find it best to select only those categories that you really want.  Too much information will clog up your calendar
    • You will have the options to either download or subscribe to your selection.  The difernce is explained below:
      • Dowloading the Calendar - The selected calendar events will be downloaed to your computer as a .ICS file into your download folder.  This is a one time download and you will not be informed of any changes or updates to the Calendar.  You will need to import the file into a suitable calendar program in order to use the file
      • Subscribing to the Calendar - This option will also download the selected calendar events will also be sownloaded to your computer BUT with two differences.  First, the file will cause your calendar program to open up and you will be prompted with further instructions to include the events into your calendar application.  Second, working behind the scenes, your calendar application will coordinate with the Cathedral Calendar and updates will be sent to your calendar, keeping it up to date.
  • How to Download and Subscribe to the Calendar

    1. Select the years you are interested in.  By clicking on the chek box, a list of available years will be displayed.  Click the years that you want, you may click more than one box
    2. Select the Categories you are interested in.  By clicking on the check box, a list of all categories and sub-categories will be displayed,  Click the categories that you are interested in, you may click as many boxes as you wish.  
    3. Output formatting.  Some calendar applications will allow formatted text to be downloaded and displayed, others will display the description as plain text.  Click this button to preserve ethe foratted data.
    4. When ready, click on the Generate Export on the bottom of the page. the following two  buttons will be displayed near the top of the page:
      1. Subscribe to Selection - Click this button to download the selected events down to your device and open up your Calendar applicaiton.  Follow the instructions to finish the subscription process
      2. Click here to download the event calendar.  Click this button to download the ICS file to your device.  If you Subscribed to the Calendar in the previous step, you do not need to perform this step
    5. If you wish to stop subscribing to the Calendar or you wish to change your selection, just unsubscribe to the Calendar from you device and repeat the steps above with your new selecrtion.  Once you unsubscribe from the Calendar, all events will be removed from your device

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