Girls Scouts

Our fun and vibrant group of Daisy Girl Scouts meet every other Tuesday. The girls are in kindergarten and first grade. The focus is the leadership philosophy of girls discovering themselves and their values, and teamwork with each other, and taking action to improve their communities and the world. A petal is given to a Daisy girl as she has completed a lesson from the above.

There are also awards given out that are so important in our daily lives: being responsible for what a girl says and does; a gardening effort for others to make the world a better place; and knowing the living the Promise and Law of a Girl Scout. Through their faith in God and their promise to make the world a better place, The Girls of the Girl Scouts Daisy Troop #1191 will always be proud of who they are.

For more information, please contact Tina Vasilakis or Maria Papachristos.