Greek Language Program
Greek language instruction is one of the most successful components of the St. Paul education and youth programs. Classes are offered from Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade as well as for Regents Preparation. Our classes meet once per week. In our attempt to provide a comprehensive education, the St. Paul Greek language program also exposes the students to Greek dance, culture customs and history, as well as our Orthodox religion and customs. Our Dance Instructional Program has several class offerings, and our dancers have several opportunities throughout the year to perform for the public, including at the annual St. Paul Festival. Adults can register for Greek Language instruction as well. Adult classes are conducted in the evenings. For more information please contact the Cathedral Office .
  • Discipline Policy

    Any disruption that takes away from lesson time will result in the following disciplinary actions: For the first violation the student will receive a verbal warning and/or may be asked to leave the classroom for a short supervised period of time. Second violation will result in a phone call from the teacher. Third violation will result in written notification by the principal and a meeting between student, parent and principal. Measures to curtail future problems will be devised and enforced. In extreme circumstances or repeated violations the Greek School Committee, Principal and/or Clergy will convene a meeting to determine disciplinary action. Such action, includes but is not limited to, parental supervision of their child during class, suspension and/or expulsion.
  • Dismissal Procedures

    The following procedures MUST be followed with NO exceptions: Late drop off: If you are dropping your child off more than one hour late, please follow the above procedure. Early pickup: Parents MUST notify the teacher before class if anyone other than the parent is picking up the child. The parent or approved person MUST come into the building and either informs the school monitor or go to the class to pick up the child. Children will not be allowed to leave the building unescorted by a parent or approved person. Late pickup: Please be prompt since neither the teachers nor PTA presidents are babysitters. Realizing that emergencies do occur, please call the Church Building directly at (516) 489-6660 OR your teacher's cell phone. Pick up points: Pick up must be from our parking lot—NO EXCEPTIONS—DO NOT PICK UP from Cathedral Avenue or side street. PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP FROM THE SCHOOL BUILDING since that makes dismissal difficult for the teachers! Exception : Kindergarten students can be picked up from building. However, please pick up your child and proceed to the parking lot. Do not block doors or engage the teachers in conversation until you get to the parking lot. The teachers are busy helping to dismiss the children and can not be interrupted in doing so by a parent who wishes to speak to her. All students may be picked up from the door in the event of inclement weather. Again, do not engage the teacher in conversation, since her first duty is to insure that all students are walked to the lot and she can do so, if she is interrupted. BEWARE: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED IN THE CHURCH PREMISES OR IN THE SCHOOL BUILDING BEFORE CLASS STARTS. Please drive slowly and with care as you approach or leave the parking lot. There have been incidents of unsafe driving by parents. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD makes it into the building. In years past, the children are dropped off without the parent ensuring they are in the building; some children then loiter around the Church premises and walk into School late. THIS IS BOTH UNSAFE FOR THE CHILD, NOT GOOD FOR THEIR EDUCATION AND DISRUPTIVE TO THE CLASS. *REPEAT VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN A CALL FROM THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL OR CLERGY.
  • Weather Closure

    No phone calls will be made home. Please call the Church office during the week. Church website will updated to reflect information. Final decision regarding closure will be made 45 minutes before commencement of classes
  • Keys to Academic Success

    What parents should do to ensure academic success and a good Greek School experience Review the Behavior Policy above frequently with your children. Check your child's backpack each week for important information and check email regularly. If your child is late or absent, let your teacher know in advance and follow with a note. Review the "Child Absence and Dismissal Rules" and abide by them. Get involved in the PTA, and where possible, speak Greek at home A date will be sent home to you to act as a school monitor. Please make sure you attend or make arrangements if you cannot, don't ignore. Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences and Open Houses. Pick-up from the side-street or Cathedral Avenue is prohibited. It is dangerous and causes disputes with neighbors. All pickups must be made from the Church parking lot. Attend the special Christmas, March 25 and promotion events as they are part of the required curriculum. If your child needs help, ask the teacher and/or principal, we are there for you! Free and low cost tutoring exists
  • Steward in Good Standing

    All past Stewardship pledges have been paid in full. Pledge Card for the current school year has been submitted, current Stewards have until December 31 to pay this pldege. Pledge cards will be available at registration. New Stewards (those who were not Stewards in last year) will be required to complete a Pledge Card for the current year
  • Rules for Proper Behavior

    Students are expected to show proper respect to the Clergy, Principal, Teaching staff and fellow students No talking out of turn No cursing No pushing/shoving at any time Physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated No use of cellular phones during class hours, including but not limited to, making or receiving calls, retrieving messages, texting, listening to audio, internet use, IMing or emailing. Use of cell phones during that time will result in confiscation until the end of class. Repeated violations will result in barring of phones in school. No iPod usage, unless a part of class instruction is permitted. No gum chewing in class. Eating and drinking during "snacktime" only. Students will not litter, damage, destroy or disturb any personal or public property. Children will not loiter in the hallway or outside the School before, during or after class. Dismissal procedures: Children are to await teachers before leaving class and will walk to the parking lot accompanied by teacher. Disruptive and/or violent actions will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Parents should advise their teacher if they are having someone else pick them up after school, in writing. Children will not be released to someone not authorized
  • Attendance Policy

    A child that misses 6 classes may be put on academic probation. The teacher will send a note home when your child misses 4 classes advising you of your attendance status. If the child misses 6 or more classes, the child can not be promoted to the next grade, unless a waiver is granted which is approved by teacher AND principal. If a child leaves late or early on a repeated basis, the teacher may count it as a partial absence which will be prorated. (e.g. 1 hour late is 1/3 absence for the 3 hour programs). Parents whose child will be absent must notify your teacher before class starts to advise of the absence. If you are calling during class, please call 489-6660 which is the School's telephone number. The reason for this rule is to ensure that teachers can be apprized of what child will not be there, and we can reach out to parents for children who are not accounted for. A note must be presented at the following class explaining the absence. If your child transfers days or does not continue, please notify the teacher, principal and/or the Church Office
  • Registration Forms

  • Teen Conversation Class

    This class is designed for children over the age of 12 who have graduated Greek School to help them gain or reinforce proficiency and fluency. The class will be taught by Vasiliki Sitzanis as well as clergy. Classes will be held from 7:30 to 8:30. Tuition is $195.00 per annum. Contact the Church Office for information.