Homebound Ministries

The Homebound Ministry was founded in 2002 as a special organization for those parishioners of St Paul with medical restrictions. It became apparent that many of these parishioners with special needs did not attend the Divine Liturgy on Sunday and therefore the Homebound Ministry was established to reach out to these individuals. Several times a year Father Luke and Father Panagiotis conduct the Divine Liturgy for them so they can receive Holy Communion. This liturgy is always held on a Saturday for the convenience of their families and caregivers. Following the Liturgy, they enjoy a luncheon in the Cathedral Center, which is prepared by Lou Patrickakos and his volunteers. To help our parishioners using wheelchairs and walkers a special ramp was built so they can enter the Cathedral Center safely. The Homebound Ministry has provided an opportunity for our members to attend the Divine Liturgy, make new friends and to enjoy a pleasant "away from home activity". New members are always welcomed. For more information, please contact Joan Prieston.