Nursery School

St. Paul's Nursery School Program is a program with classes for children from age two through Pre-K. In each class there is a certified teacher and an assistant. Our program offers a child-centered program designed to guide children in their physical, intellectual and emotional growth in a nurturing Christian environment. We provide skills to be developed during the school year, which include but are not limited to language development and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, physical development, art/music and indoor/outdoor play. This is an English taught curriculum that prepares our children for Kindergarten. Throughout the year we take field trips and even have a dental hygienist and a yoga instructor from our own community atttend to speak to the children and extending their knowledge about their health and nutrition. We also have a Summer Program during the month of July. Our goal is for the children to become confident, responsible, and independent learners in our Greek Orthodox Christian faith, culture and community. For further information, please contact the Cathedral Office.