The Recipe Club of St Paul

Over fifty years ago, a group of dedicated women decided to write a Greek cookbook in English, something not available at the time. Due to their determination, their efforts proved to be a success, producing four books! All the earnings from every book have been donated to St. Paul, which is quite a lot of money. What started out as a way was to contribute to the "burn the mortgage drive", has now been used to pay for many worthy projects in the cathedral, including two chandeliers , two large mosaics, the wonderful organ, the downstairs kitchen, and liturgy books in the cathedral for the members. Another major project was having the name of our cathedral situated in front of our church along with suitable landscaping. The Recipe Club also paid for the front walkway, as well as donating to the Restoration Fund. They actively support the idea of an elevator installation in the community.

Their organizational name, "Recipe Club" is a misnomer, since it was never a club , but rather a chartered group of 17 dedicated women who tested and wrote their recipes to preserve our treasured foods. Throughout the years, all the expenses incurred to test and promote their books have been absorbed by the women themselves. Their first book called "The Grecian Gourmet" was self published, and because of the raves of the NY Times food critic, it became an instant bestseller around the country. As a result, the publishers of Doubleday approached the group, and they published "The Art Of Greek Cookery". Based on that success, they wrote a follow up book called "The Regional Cuisines Of Greece". Since food techniques and the Greek cuisine became increasingly popular, the women decided to retest and rewrite their best recipes, which produced their current bestseller "The Complete Book of Greek Cooking" published by Harper Collins. These recipes emphasize freezing and simpler baking techniques. This last book is available in the Cathedral office, online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and bookstores around the country.

It is important to note that all the monies earned from the books have been given to St. Paul. This small group of dedicated women has devoted years (since 1958) to promoting and preserving our culinary history. They have authored and published four books on Greek cooking. All of the monies from the books have been donated back to The Cathedral of St Paul

recipe club old pic


Pictured above are the early members of Recipe club. At the time of this picture, the Club was publishing their book The Art of Greek Cooking. Left to right, seated: Kay Poulos, Georgia Arapakis, Tina Barbatsuly, Theodora Lourekas, Mary Djinis, Helen Pappas and Irene Skeados. Standing, left to right: Bela Carpou, Sandy Cidis, Irene Carnavos, Helen Hayes, and Helen Calfo.

recipe club

Members of the Recipe Club following the publication of their first book, The Complete Book of Greek Cooking, which was featured in the cover story of the New York Times Food section. Left to right: Helen Milukas, Lydia Baris, Carol Efthimiou, Polydora Prieston, Helen Pappas, Theodora Lourekas, Katherine Boulukos, Athena Philippedes, Irene Skeados, Mary Mormanis, Epiphany Touris, Nina Bendo, Sandy Cidis, and Maria Prois. Absent are: Tina Barbatsuly, Dede Hirsch, and Ethel Whily.

luncheon 2008 recipe club


Left to right: Athena Philippedes, Tina Barbatsuly, Carol Efthimiou, Maria Prois, and Ethel Whily. Standing, from the left: Dede Hirsch, Mary Mormanis, Sandy Cidis and Kathy Boulukos.


TheGrecianGourmetThe Grecian Gourmet

This is the first book written by the Recipe Club of St. Paul. Due to its huge success of this book, written over 51 years ago, Doubleday came to the group to get this book published under their banner of "Art of" cookbooks. This effort resulted in the publication of The Art of Greek Cookery" which because a huge financial success for both the publisher and our church.

While the book is out of print, ocassionally a used copy is found and can be purchased. Contact Kathy Boulukos at , or by mail at the church, attention Recipe Club, for details

TheArtOf GreekCookery2The Art of Greek Cookery

This is the first book published by Doubleday and Co. It was based on the earlier book written by the group, "The Grecian Gourmet". This book became the biggest ethnic cookbook published by Doubleday. Its success led to the publication of a second follow up book called The Regional Cuisines of Greece, publidhed by Doubleday.

While the book is out of print, ocassionally a used copy is found and can be purchased. Contact Kathy Boulukos at , or by mail at the church, attention Recipe Club, for details

The regionalCuisineof GreeceThe Regional Cuisines of Greece

The Regional Cuisines of Greece, published by Doubleday , was a book aimed at presenting more regional dishes from throughout Greece. A great deal of research and testing was conducted to find some of the more unusual dishes. In addition, the aim of this book was to include a more sophisticated approach to cooking some of the familiar recipes, including simplifying techniques and reezing shortcuts. It became a popular best seller, a companion to The Art of Greek Cookery.

TheCompleteBookofGreekCooking001The Complete Book of Greek Cooking

This is the current book and is available through the church office at a discount price of $18. It may also be ordered by mail (additional $4 for mailing). Please send requests to Recipe Club of St. Paul, 110 Cathedral Avenue, Hempstead, NY. Checks should be made payable to Recipe Club.

It is also available on line at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as many bookstores around the country.