Sunday School

The Sunday School is an integral part of our students' religious education and it provides classes for students from Pre-Kindergarten through eleventh grade. Our curriculum is well known nationally and many churches have requested it for their own Sunday Schools. Qualified individuals, with clergy approval, wrote our curriculum and it is revised periodically. Every year, each of our fourth grade students receives a Bible from our clergy in the Cathedral, which they use in their classes. Students graduate at the end of the eleventh grade so that they can return to our program as graduate assistants while still attending the twelfth grade in public school. Many return as regular teachers after they graduate college. Each month, the Sunday School students attend the Youth Liturgy in the Hellenic Room where they can intimately relate and learn about the Divine Liturgy.

In December, all of our students participate in the Christmas Pageant, some as characters in the pageant, while the rest as a choir singing the traditional Christmas Carols. Of course, there is always a Christmas Party! During Lent, the teachers dedicate their lessons to the important events of this most Holy Season. Many of our students sing in the Junior Choir while our boys serve as Altar Boys. At the Good Friday service, many of our younger girl students serve as Myrophores.

We are very proud that we can provide a comprehensive religious program, one with lessons which emphasize the principles which will enable them to be good Christians and which will influence them in their future. For further information, please contact Andrea Potaris.